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Statement by Venezuelan civil society organizations in relation to the Situation Report on the UN humanitarian scaling-up in Venezuela

In relation to the recent publication of the first Situation Report on Humanitarian Scaling-up in Venezuela prepared by the United Nations, the undersigned organizations and individuals wish to express the following:

  1. We take note of the fact that for the first time the existence of the Coordination Team for Cooperation and Assistance (ECCA) as the Humanitarian Country Team is publicly acknowledged, which is a clear expression that Venezuela is going through a complex humanitarian emergency alerted for more than 4 years by Venezuelan civil society organizations, before national and international institutions, which demands a large-scale response coordinated by the United
  1. We express our uneasiness not only because of the delayed response of the United Nations System (UNS) to this serious situation that has claimed many lives and caused suffering of Venezuelans, but also due to the fact that the Situation Report is a unbalanced and incomplete document, which leaves out a broad perspective of the seriousness of the complex humanitarian emergency and the needs for relief and attention throughout the country. By privileging only the activities carried out by the UNS, it is impossible to put in perspective the impact of the response in regards to the As it is, the Situation Report can lead to erroneous conclusions about the dimension of what is happening in Venezuela and play against the formulation and implementation of an adequate response proportional to the magnitude of the humanitarian needs of the Venezuelan population.
  1. We express our deep concern and alarm at the fact that the original Situation Report included information that does not correspond to the reality on the ground, which was duly denounced by civil society organizations working in the defense of rights of people with The original version spoke of 10 million HIV medications that had benefited 50,000 people for 3 months in 24 states. Hours after this Situation Report was made public, it was replaced by a new version that corrected the original, noting that 1.6 million tablets were distributed to specialized HIV pharmacies in 24 states, which is expected to start or reactivate the treatment of at least 30,000 people with HIV in the coming months.
  1. The above is a serious fact that concerns us not only because the change was made from one version to another without notice or explanation, but also by the discrepancy between the two versions and the magnitude of this This situation highlights the difficulties of internal coordination and information management by the UN System, which jeopardize the seriousness and transparency of the system, not being up to the demands of the Venezuelan crisis.
  1. We note with concern that in both versions the participation of civil society is highlighted, specifically in the response to HIV/AIDS, when such participation has been impeded by the

Venezuelan State, a fact known to the UNS in Venezuela. Moreover, in recent days there have been reprisals by authorities against HIV activists after a statement was made public denouncing the discrepancy in the figures included in the two versions of the Situation Report released by the United Nations.

  1. We demand that the United Nations team take into account in its operations and activities the context of repression, harassment and institutional weakness that characterizes Venezuela, in particular the reprisals against human rights defenders and humanitarian In this sense, we call for humanitarian action not only to focus on the delivery of aid, but also on the protection of those involved in it, be it delivery or reception.
  1. Considering that the Situation Report must describe the humanitarian emergency, and understanding that its purpose is both to inform and to alert about the scale and scope of the emergency, as well as the gaps in responding to humanitarian needs, we regret that only one mention has been made in a short sentence to the existence of «important humanitarian needs». In addition, it mentions a «draft document of needs overview» that has not been made public to date, even though it was presented by the Relief Coordinator at the Security Council meeting on April 10, 2019, and whose figures were referred to by the UN Secretary General in just a Twitter message, indicating that currently a total of 7 million people have humanitarian needs in Venezuela.
  1. Having access to the aforementioned needs overview, whose figures were used for the Situation Report, is not only vital for the protection of people in Venezuela who are risking their lives, safety and well-being, if there is not a timely, proportional and effective response, but it can also put in doubt basic aspects of independence, accountability and transparency established in humanitarian norms and respect for the right of access to public information in areas of extreme importance for
  1. Finally, those of us who subscribe to this pronouncement have no other purpose than to be part of the search for solutions to the humanitarian emergency in Venezuela. The humanitarian response is a right and an obligation of the State and the international community, framed in protection mandates and adherence to imperative and universal principles of international law, as established by the policies and regulations of the United Nations humanitarian agencies; therefore, we consider that it cannot be lent to ambiguities or deviations from these mandates. In this sense, we are in a position to provide assistance and support but also to make our positions known in the face of any event, action or omission that could distort the

Subscribed by:


  2. Acceso a la Justicia
  3. Acción Solidaria
  4. ACCSI, Acción Ciudadana Contra el SIDA
  5. ACOANA, Asociación Venezolana para la Conservación de Áreas Naturales
  6. Aconvida
  7. AID FOR AIDS Venezuela
  8. Alianza Colectiva Contra El VIH (ACOVIH Portuguesa)
  9. Amigos Trasplantados de Venezuela
  10. Aprovida Zulia
  11. Asociación Civil Centro de Educación Integral Gurrufio
  12. Asociación Civil Fuerza, Unión, Justicia, Solidaridad y Paz (FUNPAZ)
  13. Asociación Civil Impulso Vital Aragua ACIVA
  14. Asociación Civil Mujeres en Línea
  15. Asociación de Derechos Humanos Amigos de Margarita – ADHAM
  16. Asociación por la Vida (ASOVIDA) Mérida
  17. Asociación Venezolana para la Hemofilia
  18. Asociación Vida y Luz
  19. AVESA, Asociación Venezolana para una Educación Sexual Alternativa
  20. Caleidoscopio Humano
  21. Cátedra de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Centrooccidental Lisandro Alvarado
  22. Catedra de la Paz/Universidad de Los Andes
  23. CENDIF-Universidad Metropolitana
  24. Centro de Acción y Defensa por los Derechos Humanos (Cadef)
  25. Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (CDH UCAB)
  26. Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Metropolitana (CDH UNIMET)
  27. Centro de Investigación Social, Formación y Estudios de la Mujer (CISFEM)
  28. Centro de Justicia y Paz – Cepaz
  29. Centro para la Paz y los Derechos Humanos «Padre Luis María Olaso» UCV
  30. CIIDER Venezuela
  31. Civilis Derechos Humanos
  32. Clima21 – Ambiente y Derechos Humanos
  33. Codevida
  34. Codhez – Comisión para los Derechos Humanos del Estado Zulia
  35. Comisión Nacional de DDHH de la Federación venezolana de Colegios de Abogados del estado Apure
  36. Comisión Nacional de DDHH de la Federación venezolana de Colegios de Abogados del estado Mérida
  37. Comisión Nacional de DDHH de la Federación venezolana de Colegios de Abogados del estado Nueva Esparta
  38. Comisión Nacional de DDHH de la Federación venezolana de Colegios de Abogados del estado Táchira
  39. Conciencia Ciudadana C
  40. Control Ciudadano para la Seguridad, la Defensa y la Fuerza Armada Nacional
  41. ConviteAC
  42. Defensa en Acción
  43. Defiende Venezuela
  44. Espacio Público
  45. EVAH
  46. Excubitus DHE
  47. Federación de Colegios de Bioanalistas de Venezuela
  48. Fénix ONG
  49. Funcamama
  50. Fundación Agua Sin Fronteras
  51. Fundación Arcoíris por la Vida
  52. Fundación Conciencia Por La Vida
  53. Fundación Lucelia
  54. Fundación MAVID
  55. Fundación para la Prevención de la Violencia Domestica hacia la Mujer-FUNDAMUJER
  56. Fundación Parkinson Carabobo
  57. Fundación San Onofre
  58. Gran Familia de la Salud
  59. Gente y Ciudad
  60. Gobiérnatec
  61. Hogar Virgen de los Dolores
  62. Huellas en Positivo Barinas
  63. Instituto Mead de Venezuela C
  64. LaboCiudadano
  65. Laboratorio de Paz
  66. Lara en positivo
  67. Liga Merideña contra el Sida
  68. Médicos Unidos Venezuela Capitulo Carabobo
  69. Médicos Unidos Venezuela capítulo Táchira
  70. Monitor Social C.
  71. Movimiento Vinotinto
  72. Movimiento SOMOS
  73. Observatorio Global de Comunicación y Democracia
  74. Observatorio Penal Mérida -OPEM DDHH
  75. Observatorio Venezolano de la salud
  76. Observatorio Venezolano de Los Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres -OVDHM
  77. Oficina de DDHH del vicariato apostólico de Puerto Ayacucho
  78. Padres Organizados de Venezuela
  79. Proadopción, C.
  80. Programa Venezolano de Educación-Acción en Derechos Humanos – PROVEA
  81. Promoción Educación y Defensa en DDHH – PROMEDEHUM
  82. Provafamilia
  83. Proyecta Ciudadanía C
  84. PSICODEHU, Psicología y derechos
  85. Psicólogos sin Fronteras Venezuela
  86. Red Andina de Organizaciones en DDHH (RADAR)
  87. Red de Acción y Defensa por los Derechos Humanos (RADDH)
  88. Red de Defensores de Derechos Humanos Nueva Esparta
  90. RedOrgBaruta
  91. RVG+
  92. Sociedad Hominis Iura (SOHI)
  93. Sociedad Medica Maternidad Concepción Palacios
  94. Un Mundo Sin Mordaza
  95. Una Ventana a la Libertad
  96. Unión Afirmativa de Venezuela
  97. Unión Vecinal para la Participación Ciudadana C
  98. Universidad de Los Andes
  99. Vicaría de Derechos Humanos de la Arquidiócesis de Barquisimeto


  1. Adriana Pérez (Cadef)
  2. Agustina Domínguez
  3. Alejandra Olivares Hidalgo, abogada y defensora de DDHH
  4. Alfonzo Bolívar Salvatierra
  5. Amílcar Aponte
  6. Ana Carvajal
  7. Aura Sofía Díaz
  8. Beatriz Rodríguez
  9. Carlos Guerra García
  10. Carlos Nieto Palma
  11. Carlos Walter
  12. Douglas Gómez
  13. Luz marina Linares Ríos
  14. María Gabriela García Mujíca
  15. Ela Ferris
  16. Eliseo Sierra
  17. Euglis Palma
  18. Fernando Arangueren
  19. Flavia Pesci Feltri
  20. Francisco González Cruz
  21. Gabriela Buada Blondell
  22. Gente y ciudad
  23. Gilianys Quintero Requejo
  24. Gipsy Sarita Montiel R
  25. Griselda Barroso Morgado Defensora DDHH de la Mujer
  26. Haydee Deutsch
  27. Héctor Pérez Marcano
  28. Hernán Porras
  29. Huniades Urbina-Media, MD, PhD. Sociedad Venezolana de Puericultura y Pediatría
  30. Isabel Polito
  31. Isolda de Salvatierra
  32. Jaiver Peraza
  33. José Ángel Chavero
  34. Juan Carlos Scagliati Scovino
  35. Juan José Cárdenas
  36. Judith León Capote
  37. Judith Vega Mejia
  38. Abdalicia Díaz González
  39. Juan Marcano Suárez
  40. Lilia Arvelo
  41. Lilian Vivas Díaz
  42. Liliana Peña Rojas
  43. Liliana Rodríguez OP, Defensora de Derechos Humanos y Abogado
  44. Lorena Liendo
  45. Luisangela Correa
  46. Magaly Huggins Castañeda
  47. Manuel Parra, Médicos Unidos Capítulo Guárico
  48. María Mercedes Armas
  49. Marisol de la Rosa
  50. Maritza Loreto presidenta sociedad médica maternidad Concepción Palacios
  51. Martin Lucena
  52. Miguel Nucete H
  53. Moraima Hernández
  54. Nancy Cardozo
  55. Natalia Brandler
  56. Neomar Balza
  57. Nohemi Ramos
  58. Norkys J. Salcedo
  59. Ofelia Álvarez Cardier
  60. Oswaldo Cabrera
  61. Raúl Cubas
  62. Raiza Suarez
  63. Raúl Viera
  64. Renato Bernieri
  65. Rigoberto Lobo, defensor #DDHH
  66. Sandra Pepe
  67. Silvio Anzola Duque
  68. Tibisay Betancourt Parra
  69. Urquia Sánchez
  70. Virginia Rivero
  71. William Requejo Orobio
  72. Xioely Gomez, RedDes-Ucla
  73. Yadira franco
  74. Yajaira Bermúdez
  75. Yurizahima Quintana
  76. Zoraida Pacheco
  77. Zulma Bermúdez

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