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Civil society organizations declare their resounding rejection and demand the repeal of the new registration measure for terrorism and other crimes in Venezuela

The undersigned civil society organizations express our categorical rejection of the new Administrative Ruling No. 001-2021 for the Unified Registry of Obligated Subjects before the National Office Against Organized Crime and Terrorism Financing, of the Ministry of Interior, Justice, and Peace, published in Official Gazette No. 42.098 of March 30, 2021. The mandate constitutes an […]

Global Feminist Civil Society Benchmarks for Success of the Beijing+25 Process

We, feminist civil society organizations, share below our agreed minimum requirements and non-derogable principles that we believe should be met in order for the Beijing+25 process, including the Generation Equality Forum, to achieve our stated goal for genuine feminist convenings with meaningful participation of, and clear, progressive direction for, the future of the feminist movement. […]